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hi - By: scwumbler


in this house - By: scwumbler

we fard hard, shard harder, and crumb the hardest

My social security number is - By: Man

Congolese Colonist (previously Roblox Racist) Otto von Bismark te amo tan mucho I am registered Africa Scrambler. I stuck the Congolese people into a blender. Your mother is a colonizer. I am a professional imperializer. You know that I be colonizing. African autonomy and self-governance deteriorating. Ivory on my wrist I could go poaching. Between thick rivers I am suffocating. A treaty with Britain to block. I pee inside of my frock. For rubber, I use my glock. Whilst resources are in stock. I repurpose African schools. Cause

I am going - By: Man

to poot